From Rubbish to Art at STTC


At Solidarity Teacher Training College (STTC), recycling is the common activity. Under the direction of Sr Elizabeth Blok, beautiful items arise out of what might otherwise be discarded as waste. Students tear up the used pages from exercise books into small pieces, soak and then pound the pieces, and add glue to make papier mâché. From this they mould items, dry them in the sun, and finish off beautifully. Bowls of all sizes (with lids), flower vases and decorative plates are favourites, surprisingly light and durable, and each a unique piece of art.

Alternatively, used paper is tightly rolled to make pencil boxes and jewellery cases, and sets of counting sticks for young children, ready for School Practice. Another activity is folding small pieces of used paper with care and accuracy, to build up animals such as swans, cocks and butterflies. Coloured scrap paper is used to shape individual flowers.

Heavier paper such as the covers of exercise books is recycled for flash cards, memory and matching games, jigsaws, and gift boxes.

The products of these recycling efforts are greatly admired by visitors and college members alike – one particularly well-finished swan, along with a vase of beautiful flowers, reached the Solidarity President’s desk where we have been assured they are much appreciated.

The best of all this recycling activity is that it is peer-learned, utterly absorbing, and brings great delight and satisfaction. The student teachers – and through them the school children – are learning the skills of how to cut, to paste, to fold – important Early Childhood motor skills that few have had the chance to develop. They have a better appreciation of the principles of Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, and are enthused to put this into practice.  All in all, it is amazing what can be done – from the Department of Rubbish to the School of Creative Arts at STTC.



Date Published:

27 June 2024


Alice, Officer

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