Breathing – a poem from Mike Bassano


Dear friends,

we are pleased to share with you a poem written by Fr. Mike Bassano, entitled “Breathing”,that invites us to feel the wholeness, the union between people and with the nature around us.


Footprints on earth
humanity evolving
into heightened consciousness
of integral oneness

Belonging with nature
connected to living beings
caring for our planet
responding to climate change

Selflessness arising
hearing cries of poor ones
called to be compassionate
making an impact

Mystery hidden
revealed in faith
sisters and brothers together
seeking peaceful coexistence

Divine center indwelling
in every beating heart
unconditional loving
healing our wounds

Emptied of self
living for others
coming to wholeness
fullness of life

Breathing in me
freely invited
to wedded union
eternally alive.

Stay well as we pray for peace in our world.

Kind regards,

Mike Bassano, mm

Date Published:

03 Aug2022


Fr. Mike Bassano


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