Success Story from CHTI: Yaat GatKuoth


“My name is Yaat GatKuoth from Old Fangak, Jonglei state. I am a recent graduate of the Nursing course at CHTI (class of 2022). The Comboni Missionaries have been instrumental in my education as they have sponsored my secondary studies at Comboni Comprehensive College, Lomin, Kajo Keji. Before joining CHTI in 2019, I was working with Alaska Medical Project, Sudan as a translator of Nuer language to English from 2017-2018.

I got to hear about CHTI admissions from Fr. Alfred, former parish priest, Old Fangak. I thank CHTI for making my dreams of becoming a nurse a reality with the help of its excellent library resources and tutors. As I leave CHTI, I would like Solidarity with South Sudan to look into the electricity problem. In 2019, power was available 24/7 but is now restricted to 8pm until 10pm in the evening, which has affected students reading timetable in the evening. I would also be happy if more female students are enrolled from Malakal, which has been sending 100% male students since 2019. Given the chance, I would be happy with an increase in number of placement stations for clinical practice. It should not be restricted to only Sika Hadid, Comboni hospital and Wau teaching Hospital so that students can reach more South Sudanese.

As part of the nursing group of CHTI, our group has set a face book social media page (RN 2019) to track each other’s progress after graduation as I plan to look for employment as a nurse and support my community in Old Fangak.”


Date Published:

8 Aug 2022


Alice, Officer


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