The Role of Women in the Diplomatic Intermediation of Conflicts



In response to a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation -Directorate General for Political and Security Affairs of the Republic of Italy, the International Diplomatic Institute has convened a Multilateral International Conference on “The Role of Women in the Diplomatic Intermediation of Conflicts”.

The Conference aims to promote dissemination, information and training on the subject of the Fourth National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (2020 – 2024) in implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 1325 (2000).


FIRST PANEL: Gender equality, empowerment and protection of women and children in conflict and post-conflict areas.

SECOND PANEL: The role of women in civil society

in promoting the Agenda on Women, Peace and Security: examples of excellence. 


THIRD PANEL: Formal and informal diplomacy at the international level: the positioning of professional women in target country statistics. Actions to be taken.


For Solidarity with South Sudan, Emanuela De Mattia, Director of Fundraising, and Sr Maria Carmen Ocon (MSOLA), Vice-President, spoke on 19/10, with a presentation on the role of women in projects in South Sudan, whose mission is to develop leaders and strengthen the capacity of people in South Sudan to be teachers, health workers, sustainable farmers and diocesan pastoral agents, with a focus on women’s literacy and inclusion, in the difficult journey towards peace and social justice.


Attached is the Presentation shared during the event.


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19 Oct2022


Claudia Nicolò, Office Manager

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