Laudato Sì Solidarity Action Plan


From 2-8 July 2023 Sr Guille (accompained by two  STTC students), Br Joseph, Sr Winnie and Br Christy joined the Laudato Si’  RSASS workshop in Kit,  conducted by Fr. Peter Knox S.J. Almost 47 people – most of them  young – came from different states of the country,  parishes and congregations, all with the same interest: to know more and co-ordinate efforts to work for our  Mother Earth. Arising from friendship and common  commitment, the participants agreed to build up a  Laudato Si’ network in South Sudan. One of the outcomes of this workshop was an action plan that each group had to present. Our Solidarity representatives decided to present a general plan that each project community is invited to discuss and hopefully work on the details.


Read HERE the general Solidarity Action Plan!


Help Solidarity with South Sudan contribute to Laudato Sì goals!



Date Published:

27 July 2023


Alice, Officer


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