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Let us love one another constantly and from the heart (Pope Francis)




One week ago, PopeFrancis just landed in South Sudan for his first Apostolic Journey in this country.

We want to share with you in the next weeks our memories about this extraordinary Papal Visit, with some parts of his appreciated speeches.

“Dear friends, my brothers and I have come, together, as pilgrims to be with you, the holy people of God, on your journey. Even if distance separates us physically, we always remain close to you. Let us set out each day by praying for one another, by working together as witnesses and mediators of the peace of Jesus, and by persevering in the same journey by our practical acts of charity and unity. In all things, let us love one another constantly and from the heart (cf. 1 Pet 1:22)”.

Pope Francis, Juba – South Sudan 2023

Photo credits: Famiglia Cristiana


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10 February 2023


Claudia, Office Manager

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